Sunday, 24 March 2013

Hollowed Easter Egg Digi Stamp Freebie

Original post below :)
If anyone uses it I would love to see what you make.


After I went blog hopping yesterday I saw some beautiful creations made with hollowed out eggs.
One had a Magnolia stamped girl in the center with grass, flowers, a beautiful ribbon on the
the top and pearls around the opening..
I really wish I had saved the link so you could all see how amazing it was. 
That is where the idea for todays free digital stamp came from.
Grass is so not my strong point but I hope it looks ok.
If you haven't done so today and you like my blog and/or freebies please
consider clicking here.

It is very much appreciated and doesn't cost you anything unless you decide to buy something ;)
Thank you in advance for all your comments :O)

Edit: Found one here but that's not the one I saw but isn't it adorable ?



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