Tuesday, 26 March 2013

* Digi Stamp Freebies TOU

Digi Stamp Freebies Terms and conditions

I have been asked by many people what I do and don't allow with my free digi stamps so I though it better to post them so everyone knows.
Please do not be afraid to email me if I haven't covered what you wish to use them for.
It is always better to ask and know for sure than to go ahead and worry you might get jumped on :O)

Digital stamps offer many advantages over traditional rubber stamps because of their ability to be flipped, resized, rotated and easily stored.

In addition, digital stamps can be printed on a variety of papers and cardstocks, and when properly heat sealed can be used with a variety of coloring mediums including colored pencil, copic markers, even watercolors.

TOU For my Digi Stamps
This includes both my free and paid Digi's

No Embroidery, Cross stitch, Rubber stamps, Wooden stamps, Diecuts etc without first contacting me to make a business arrangement.

Downloading my work grants you a license to use them under the following conditions,
but does not grant you copyright over the products or any derivative products you may create using them.

By downloading this product, you recieve a license to use these graphic designs and agree to the following...


# You may use my digi stamps for greeting cards, scrapbooking, lables, stationary etc and use on Etsy but the product you sell must be physically hand made by you.
# You may sell or give away cards etc that you have hand made using my digi stamps.
# You may make a copy of these files purely for back-up purposes.


# Do not alter my work other than adding embellishments etc in your hand made work.
# Do not use my digi stamps for any online print on demand stores, cafe press, craftsuprint, zazzle etc
# Do not produce rubber stamps, wooden stamps, die cuts etc without first contacting me to make a business arrangement.
# Do not re-colour, resell, repackage, or redistribute these files 
or claim them as your own.
# Do not remove my copyright notice or trademark from my files unless stated otherwise.
# Do not Use my work for any purpose which is prohibited by law.
# DO not share any of my work in any form.

Any questions please email me

or leave a comment below so others can see and I will answer :) 

Here are various tutorial links on how to print out digital stamps.



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