Wednesday, 12 February 2014

WOYWW - 245

Morning all.
Boy is it cruddy here today.
More torrential rain and gales.
I will be so glad when Summer gets here LOL

Ok today I have for you a photo of my desk.
I have decided to try and take part in the WOYWW
Not saying it'll be every week but I shall try :)

This is the beautiful pine desk that my dear hubby bought for me last year.
Yep there is a desk under that lot honest *nods*

Anyway, I haven't been crafting as much since September but I did start a knitting project which is a jumper for our puppy (yes of course he needs one)
Bottom left corner you will see the puzzle folder and puzzles my son bought for me to keep me quiet LOL
Perfume and galaxy tab from my hubby (nothing to do with crafting I know)
Finally you can see my latest item which is a felt angry bird.
It was supposed to be an ornament but is now my pin cushion and decoration LOL
Hopefully my next WOYWW will be more interesting for you all.
Thank you for looking :)


  1. What an interesting desk. I can see that you have not been crafting much. Puzzles are always nice. Happy WOYWW!
    Glenda #60

  2. Cruddy sums it up perfectly Julie, keep warm.

    B x

  3. As you say .... Cannot see much of the desk lol but it all looks interesting to me ... We are like that here in WOYWW land. Love your angry bird but won't sticking pins in him
    Make him angrier
    Janet @ 32

    1. Not if I stick him when he isn't looking lol

  4. Lots of fun supplies, and of course the puppy needs a jumper, why wouldn't he?

    Thank you for stopping by this woyww!
    Happy WOYWW to you,
    #13 this week with
    tiny books and Valentines

  5. Glad to meet you here on WOYWW - enjoy the fun!! Tis a thing which takes much time - but oh, what friends are made here. Jigsaw them!
    Have a great week - even with the "cruddy" weather - fabulous word - most descriptive!
    Margaret #74

  6. A very interesting desk, makes me want to poke around and have a look at what you have in those drawers. Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment.

    Happy WOYWW
    Eliza 10

  7. Hi, thanks for the visit. So much stuff to poke around in on your desk,I'm sure you'll get crafting soon. Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz # 43 xx

  8. yes you cane safely say there is a lot on your desk! Thank you for visiting. Karen #44

  9. Looks like you have loads of inspiring craft supplies, I'm sure you will be very busy using it soon. Hope the weather gets better.!

  10. can't wait to see the puppy in the finished jumper, happy WOYWW, Donna #91

  11. Oh - pretty hard to get to any crafting with that lot on your desk ! Do show us the puppy modeling your jumper ! Ali #36

  12. Not much space on that lovely desk for making anything at the moment, but knitting only need a knee, so happy knitting Julie...Cheers and have a great week RobynO#51