Saturday, 8 February 2014

OMG don't you just hate brain farts

Hello hello hello.
Yes I am alive and kicking.
Well alive anyway lol.
Where have I been ? LOCKED OUT.
Damn fibro fog and gmails new password recovery feature is the pits.
You click on forgotten password and then in the next step it asks you all kinds of questions including 'Last password you remember'
Well HELLOOOOOOOOO that's what I clicked forgotten password for *rolls eyes*
Anyway long and short or it is I have finally gotten back in *hurrah*

I have now added my other account ( as author so if you see Bits N Bobs posting don't panic it's only me LOL
At least this way if I lock myself out again I will still be able to post :)

I have a TONNE of catching up to do and haven't done any crafting as such apart from cross stitching since September last year so have itchy fingers.

I am sure I have a desk underneath all the junk I have been piling on it.
If I remember i'll post a photo before I start clearing it LOL

Oh before I forget BRENDA thanks to you we now have a Labrador pup.
Well Labrador x but still a Lab lol
More on that in my next post but below are a couple of pics at 10 weeks old.
This was supposed to be a quickie as it hurts to type too long but hey ho.

Enjoy your evening everyone :)


  1. Well I certainly missed his one Julie and I went searching for you the other day - you see I had missed you and not forgotten you, just been low profile with nasty health issue and just reaching the end of five weeks of treatment.

    Will keep my eyes peeled from now on and welcome to your little darling, but I take no blame at all.

    B x

    1. Nice to know someone missed me. It is so good to feel loved ;)
      After seeing all the pics of you amazing dogs is when I fell in love with Labradors.
      Even reading around that they can be the hardest and most destructive puppies if they get bored etc didn't put me off LOL
      Sent you an email sweetie. Keep warm *hugs*

  2. So nice to see you back, Julie! Love the new family member. He's a darling. :-D