Thursday, 2 May 2013

Friends are family word art digi stamp freebie

Wheeeeeeeee look at all my followers.
Hi every one *waves*

Well, it looks like I spoke to soon about the sunshine.
It was beautiful right up until about 20 minutes ago and now all I can see is grey.
It's still quite warm but no sun, boohoo.
I managed to convince the hubster to cut the grass before the week end though and even managed to do a little weeding myself.
It felt so good to sit on the grass and get my fingers all caked in mud.
I hate wearing gardening gloves so have the typical green thumbs, or did until I washed them.
I am now aching like mad and hurting all over but boy oh boy was it worth it.
Had to get the hubster to help me up off the floor and back in doors but I am in happy pain if there can be any such thing LOL

Ok enough babbling about me. I am sure you all would like another freebie.
I have for you another digi stamp in the form of a wordart / Sentiment.
Ignore the border as that is not included.
I hope you like it and thank you all for the wonderful comments on the last one.
I LOVE reading them so keep them coming :)

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A huge thank you to those who click daily for me :)
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  1. Great minds Julia, I always do things I probably should not but at least it's nice to have a reason to hurt and there is a degree of satisfaction in that.

    The sentiment on your latest image is so very true.

    B x

  2. Lovely and so true. This is one that will be used many times for many occasions. Thank you

  3. Fantastic sentiment stamp Julia..Loz

  4. Thanks for all these great images!

  5. These are beautiful! Thank you! :)